Our Approach

We set down with you and staff do an elementary interview to understand the who what's where's and whys related to where you are and where are you headed. We employee the simplest and most direct tool available to us, your expectations. We then evaluate the information provided and through a series of milestone markers develop a plan forward to increase your bottom line through a multitude of sources just like Customer Relationship Management and the information already available to you.

The Starting this Company

Every business has a beginning, I started my life as an entrepreneur in 1979 and have never looked back. Yes I have had failures and successes however I have learned from everyone of them. Some were not business related and yet I have been able to incorporate them and use them in my business relationships when communicating with competitors, vendors, suppliers, government agencies and community resources which includes non profits. Culminating in successful career's in public service, private business and community relationships, community support and board positions. After moving here in June of 2017 I fell in love with this community and very much would like to help grow the community I now live in.

Today I am On Your Team

Hello, my name is Mike Harden and I would like to introduce myself and provide a little bit about myself.

Michael D. Harden

President of Design by Mike, LLC

Starting as print services technician in 1966, I have worked hard to learn and develop the skill sets needed to understand the communications media industry. I have owned and operated commercial print shops providing services including web development, hosting and related, branding, marketing, visibility presentation,  direct sales and campaign marketing. I have held positions as a president for a local chamber of commerce, chair advisor on the board for both local and state colleges related to my industry and with my community involvement while holding the position of chair for a city planning commission. All of this  involvement has provided me a wealth of experience in communications, planning, execution and reviewing. I am ready to help anyone who needs to grow their business.

Next Steps...

If there is any question I can answer for you then by all means please go to my contact page and give an opportunity to help you.